Ever since high school, my goal was to be a fashion designer. Big deal, and I wasn't very proud of that, come on, every second girl wants to be that. I was a quiet person during my high school days, regularly attending textile and technology courses, and not standing out much at all. At that time I had no clue what actually kept me curbed.

It all started to change once I enrolled at the Faculty of Technology, the division of clothing technology. It was then that I realized how the University is so much about theory, and I craved for something practical, something that I could put my hands on. I was fed up with the perfect theory, I wanted to make mistakes, and learn from them instead.

The opportunity came almost too quickly, I still felt as a complete novice around my new sewing machine when a friend asked me to make a demanding old style dress for her. Gosh, I still remember how I struggled with it, but once I got it finished, the result clearly showed that I was no amateur any more. It also turned out that the very same friend was a member of the Evenstar Association, the organizers of the Evenstar Fantasy Festival.
In no time I was overwhelmed with requests to make a number of exquisite costumes for their performers, and the rest is history.